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Sabrina Low Voltage Pendant Light - LED

by Besa
$ 414.00
Color: Silver Dicro Wavy Glass

Made by Besa Lighting, 2013.

Bold and distinct, the Sabrina Low Voltage Pendant Light - LED adds both style and drama to any modern space. The classic bell shaped shade made from blown glass features either a stylized floral design or a silver striping detail set against the glossy outside of the shade. The inside of the shade is coated with a technologically advanced dichroic coating composed of multiple micro-layers of metals that create unique optical properties, which effectively alter both the reflected and transmitted light. When unlit the inside of the shade appears like a mirror, but when the LED light source is illuminated, the inside comes to life becoming translucent with an array of multicolored blue-purple effects. Ideal for providing direct illumination in hallways, dining rooms, bedrooms, and living room spaces.

Product Features:

  • Shade made from handcrafted glass with a 24mm diameter opening
  • 10 foot field-adjustable, coaxial type cord with teflon jack, which coordinates with the metal finish, and decorative sleeve at the socketholder
  • Suitable for use on sloped ceilings
  • Electronic 60W dimmable 120V transformer
  • Mounts to a standard 4" octagonal junction box
  • LED driver is located in canopy for optimal performance
  • Dimmable