Clizia Pendant Light

Product Description

The Clizia Pendant Light is a captivating fixture that adds a romantic, three dimensional volume to any space. Made from a mix of SLAMP's patented materials Lentiflex® and Cristalflex®, the shade of this modern pendant light showcases a seemingly random composition, however, the arrangement of interwoven squares is artfully and precisely arranged. When illuminated, this decorative pendant light casts diffused, ambient light that is perfect in a dining room, bedroom-lighting or living room space.

Lentiflex®: Polycarbonate material made using a particular manufacturing technique that makes the surface "multifaceted", as if it were formed form many little prisms.
Cristalflex®: Brilliant like glass, but versatile and durable as only modern materials can be, this transparent material was developed and produced by Bayer Vivak®. This polycarbonate material is lightweight, visually appealing, and makes lamps easy to assemble.

$ 785.00