Clizia Wall/Ceiling Light

Product Description

Just as a cloud captures sunlight and irradiates iridescent reflections, the Clizia Wall/Ceiling Light adds the romantic feeling of the early hours of dawn to a space. The shade of this modern lamp is made from a combination of SLAMP's patented materials Lentiflex® and Cristalflex®, and features a clustered form made up of numerous individual squares sewn together in an intricate weave that appears chaotic but in reality is naturally harmonious. Whether mounted to the wall or the ceiling, this decorative light fixture casts diffused, ambient light that is perfect for use in hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living room spaces.

Lentiflex®: Polycarbonate material made using a particular manufacturing technique that makes the surface "multifaceted", as if it were formed form many little prisms.
Cristalflex®: Brilliant like glass, but versatile and durable as only modern materials can be, this transparent material was developed and produced by Bayer Vivak®. This polycarbonate material is lightweight, visually appealing, and makes lamps easy to assemble.

$ 700.00