Cubo LED Wall Sconce

Product Description

Necessity is the mother of invention and in this case illuminated activities in bed need highly controlled light, while still delivering a simple, clean wall sconce with ambient light and leaves your nightstand free of clutter.

Cubo is a hybrid design, it combines a bedside sconce with features to convert it to a reading lamp. With the movable arm behind the polymer diffuser Cubo is a wall sconce that provides ambient illumination. The arm can come out from behind the diffuser and provide direct and task illumination.


  • Solid walnut body, aluminum arms, polymer shade
  • Full arm and light head articulation
  • Energy efficient LED light source
  • Fully dimmable with no flicker; dimmer located on the wood base
  • Right or left orientation
  • Can be ordered for plug-in or hardwired installation. Hard wire installation uses a standard 3" round plaster ring on a standard junction box, see instructions for further information.
  • 9"W X 18.5"H X 3"Extension (as sconce)
$ 595.00