Floral Pendant Light
David Trubridge

Product Description

Floral Pendant Light- Stained gives a striking geometric effect. The same polyhedra form is repeated 60 times to create the intricate pattern. Designed three years after the Coral Pendant Light, Floral offers a softer, more decorative option to Coral's structured look. All the timber pieces of Floral's shade are designed to use the minimum amount of material for the maximum amount of volume and effect. Floral's environmentally-friendly design extends to its kitset packaging which has the pendant light pieces flat packed with excellent instructions for self-assembly to reduce the ecological footprint from shipping.

Choose from six sizes. All sizes ship with 6 feet of wire and a canopy. UL listed.


  • Floral 400: 15.5"D
  • Floral 600: 23.5"D
  • Floral 800: 31.5"D
  • Floral 1000: 39.5"D
  • Floral 1200: 47"D
  • Floral 1600: 67"D
$ 655.00