Lampara XVIII Chandelier

Product Description

The chandelier with the stature and grace many have searched for. The Lampara XVIII is a 55.5" diameter chandelier with 18 shades.

Body is available in graphite brown with nickel accents or gray silver with chrome accents. Select from conical or square shades in white cotton, white translucent ribbon, cream translucent ribbon or red translucent ribbon. Offered in incandescent or compact fluorescent models.

Shown with Square shape and White Translucent Ribbon fabric.

  • Ceiling Canopy: 8.27" D
  • Overall: 55.51" W X 108.2" Max Overall Height
  • Square Shades: 5.91" L X 5.12" W X 3.94" H
  • Conical Shades: 7.09" L X 5.91" W X 4.72" H
Shaed Color
White Cotton/Conical
White Cotton/Square
White Translucent Ribbon/Conical
Cream Translucent Ribbon/Conical
Red Translucent Ribbon/Conical
White Translucent/Square
Cream Translucent Ribbon/Square
Red Translucent Ribbon/Square
Lighting Option
$ 5,571.00

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