LIM 360 Task Light

Product Description

Lim 360 is an inspiring, simple, and functional task lamp. Its L shaped arm discreetly conceals an array of high-powered LED's that seamlessly attach to a round base. LIM is offered with a Hi/Lo dimming control and features a convenient USB charging port for your mobile devices.

The arm is made from a single piece of extruded aluminum and the cord is concealed and only visible once it exits from the bottom. 10 foot cord. Offered in silver, orange, white, and black finishes. Select base finish in options.


  • 6"D (base) X 13.5"H X 22"extension
Silver/Silver Base
Orange/Walnut Base
White/Silver Base
White/Walnut Base
Silver/Walnut Base
Black/Black Base
Black/Walnut Base
$ 325.00

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