LineaLed Recessed Outdoor Floor Light

Product Description

Design by Carlotta de Bevilacqua.
By Artemide.

The LineaLed Recessed Outdoor Floor Light is a driver-over capable luminaire with indirect light emission from high-performance LEDs. Composed of an extruded aluminum body with injection-molded polycarbonate end caps and 0.1325"-thick opal non-slippery tempered glass. The luminaire is fastened to recessing box by pre-stressed steel springs. Electrical connection to driver by means of 36" 2-conductor cable with IP68 quick release terminal block which can be housed in the recessing box (shipped with fixture). 24 DVC driver sold separtely.


  • LineaLed 24": Maximum 16 fixture continuous connection.
  • LineaLed 38": Maximum 10 fixture continuous connection.


Static load: Up to 11,023lbs.

Available in two sizes ‐ 24.3125" or 38.5" in an aluminum grey finish with 3000K (warm white) color temperature.

To configure this fixture, you will need to select a 24V DC remote driver (sold separately). We offer a 24V DC remote driver in 16 or 40 watts. More than one fixture can be used per driver; however, it is recommended that you subtract 10% from the wattage when calculating the desired driver.

UL Listed.

$ 1,315.00