Maranga S Table Lamp

Product Description

The Maranga S Table Lamp from Marset, inspired by fruit, reinterprets Scandinavian style through its shape. Its rational use of lighting generates a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The shade is comprised of 32 slice-like pieces which fit together and allow slivers of light to escape. This contrast of light and shadow generates an effect that prevents glare, while an opening at the bottom fitted with a diffuser provides direct, downward light. Its flattened shape combined with the modern materials used in its design make the Maranga visually lighter.

"My goal is to create lights which transmit emotion, lights which one can in a sense fall in love with." - Christophe Mathieu.


  • Base: 9.06"D
  • Shade: 12.6"D
  • 19.69"overall height
$ 595.00