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Marquise 5" Air-Tight LED New Construction Housing

$ 151.30

The Marquise 5” Air-Tight LED Remodel Housing is a remodel housing for installation into existing sheet rock ceilings where access is only available from below the ceiling. 


  • Housing: Length 10.5", Width 7.25", Height 7.5"
  • Cut-out: Diameter 5.6"


  • Voltage: 120 Volt, 277 Volt


  • Plaster Frame: High quality 0.032 steel die cut one piece frame. Bar hanger brackets on all four sides provide two possible positions for installations.
  • Housing: 0.040 steel housing with riveted cap adjusts to maximum ceiling thickness of 1.375”. Constructed as spot welded cylindrical wrap capped with a riveted dome. Spring brackets accept torsion wing trim springs.
  • Clearance: Non-IC housings require a minimum clearance of 3” from thermal insulation and 0.5” from adjacent building components.
  • Air Flow Restriction: Housing has factory installed gaskets to restrict airflow from room into ceiling plenum to <2CFM (cubic feet per minute) in accordance with ASTM-283 Air-Tight requirements.
  • Quick Connect Feature: Housing contains three UL approved quick connections that allow insertion of 0.25” stripped solid or tinned standard conductors to be inserted into the connector. Connectors are pre-attached to fixture power, common, and ground circuits.
  • Thermal Protector: External thermal device is located on the junction box.
  • Trim: Compatible with Marquise 5” Trims (sold separately).
  • Wiring: Standard flex whip carries wire lead from junction box into housing. Wire leads extend from housing and thermal device to the luminary disconnect.
  • Manufactured In China