Nikau Half Pendant
David Trubridge

Product Description

"Nikau is the name of the only indigenous palm tree in New Zealand. It has a large bulb at the top of its trunk and its leaves overlap in similar patterns. It was traditionally used for thatching and weaving much like the coconut palm. But the early Maori arrivals were disappointed to see no coconuts on it, which is a possible source of the name: "No Nuts"." -David Trubridge.

The Nikau Half Pendant was an evolution from the design of the Nikau Full Pendant. One day, as they were assembling the full-sized pendant they were about half way done and realized the shape would work very well in its own right and the Nikau Half is the result. Nikau Half provides direct and ambient illumination. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo and offered in natural or caramel finish. The pendant is suspended from 6 feet of field cuttable white cord.

Ships flat packed with excellent instructions for self-assembly. The kitset packaging helps minimize impact on the environment.


$ 990.00