Orcamo Recessed Outdoor Floor Light

Product Description

Design by Ernesto Gismondi.
By Artemide.

The Orcamo Recessed Outdoor Floor Light is a family of ceiling recessed luminaries with direct emission from high-performance LEDs. Composed of a black painted aluminum body and black silkscreen tempered glass.

Offered in round or square shapes with an electronic driver integrated into the body and a reinforced polymer recessing box. Ships with 11.5" of 3-conductor cable for electrical connection.

Available in adjustable spot or adjustable flood beams.

  • Adjustable Spot: Concentrated luminous flow to highlight details while avoiding unwanted light dispersion. 6° beam spread.
  • Fixed Flood: Wide luminous flow for lighting large areas. 36° beam spread.
Adjustment range: +/- 15°.


Static load: up to 3,306 lbs.

UL Listed.

$ 580.00