Rusty Slot 50 Outdoor Bollard

Product Description

The idea behind the Rusty Slot 50 Outdoor Bollard was to connect the natural aspect of a controlled surface rusting with modern energy saving technology in a very strong light fixture. All fixtures in the Rusty family are made of cast FeCSi-steel and are extremely weather proof. In outdoor applications the special steel alloy forms a barrier layer of iron oxide (rust), which protects the material core from infiltration of dampness and oxidation essentially arresting the process. Individual deviations in form and surface are intended with the Rusty lamps.

Rusting is a natural process; type and color of the outer oxidation layer can, depending on location and influence of weather, develop differently and thereby enhance the sensual attractiveness of this lamp. Rusty lamps materialize a bit of liveliness and individuality with time.


  • 4.72"L X 4.72"W X 19.69"H
$ 502.00