Script Rhumba Linen Sconce

Product Description
A softer version of Rhumba Glass Sconce, the Hammerton Studio Script Rhumba Linen Sconce casts wide space illumination with its distinct handcrafted design. Features a bright, white linen shade that disperses light with an ambient glow and radiates the whole fixture. Beneath is a curved and textured metal body that contrasts in color to make the shade pop. A quiet piece that illuminates without drawing too much attention.

Hammerton Studio is a leading U.S.-based lighting designer and manufacturer, best known for its award-winning sculptural creations in all forms of artisan glass. The brand combines artisan-blown and kiln-fired fused glass, hand-hewn steel, and other authentic materials with surprising contemporary design and meticulous attention to detail.
Flat Bronze
Metallic Beige Silver
$ 545.00