Synapse Suspension Light

Product Description

The Synapse Suspension Light provides a new perspective on the world of light. Halfway between object and architecture, Synapse is a new product type, configurable to compliment small or large spaces. Overlapping, interwoven cells conceal printed circuits controlling three variable-color, RGB LEDs. Based on a simple module, the Synapse is a complex system that is easy to assemble and is capable of creating surprising and customizable lighting scenarios. The included 24 cells can be arranged in a variety of unique configurations to be used as an architectural element, room divider or any other creative application.

Available in two comprehensive kits. Each kit ships with all the necessary components to create and install a 24 shell custom configuration. Includes wireless remote control that changes color, intensity and saturation. Choose 24 RGB lit shells or 16 RGB lit shells with 8 unlit shells at a reduced cost. Unlit shells provide slightly reduced intensity when compared to lit shells.


  • Custom configurations; 12.6" between center-points
Lighting Option
$ 3,442.50