Tango Floor Lamp

Product Description

Not only does the Tango Floor Lamp brilliantly marry the physics of photometry with geometry, creating an innovative floor lamp for indirect lighting, but the innovative floor lamp also pays homage to its name. With ability to harmoniously sway like the sensual movements of the tango dance, the fixture's dynamic posture of intersecting lines and elastomer joints allow gentle adjustment to the direction of the light beam.

Mounted on a triangular steel base, the jointed structure of the lamp composed of three mobile aluminum shafts with elastomer joints nimbly lends itself to a fluid mechanical torsion movement generated at mid-section. A movement at the position of the triangular reflector makes it possible to direct light where it is needed, setting its angle.

Features a sensor dimmer for flexible ambient luminosity. UL Listed.

  • 21.3"W X 18.7"L X 65.7"H
$ 1,440.00

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