Veli Prisma Mini Ceiling/Wall Light

Product Description

The Veli Prisma Mini Ceiling/Wall Light combines fluid lines and exquisite detail to create a decorative lighting fixture that adds a unique charm to any modern home decor. Featuring a highly functional design, this modern light mounts to either the ceiling or the wall by a magnetic base which allows for the shade to be easily removed for relamping. Crafted from Slamp's patented material Lentiflex®, Veli is completely assembled by hand. When illuminated, light is reflected off the shade, creating captivating prismatic reflections that add charm to the surrounding area. Whether used by itself or as part of a compelling display, the Veli is ideal for providing diffused, ambient lighting in hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms, and living room spaces.

Lentiflex®: Polycarbonate material made using a particular manufacturing technique that makes the surface "multifaceted", as if it were formed form many little prisms.

$ 365.00

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