Hudson Valley

Product Description

An orb of light rests on a round mount of die-cast zinc. Axiom’s mirror backplate acts as the perfect contrast to its diffuser, clear on the outside and etched on the inside for a captivating appearance when lit. Together, these three elements make an assured work of minimalist luxury. Axiom comes from Greek, “that which is worthy or fit, that which commends itself as evident.” Axiom is a self-evident, worthy addition, fit for any modern space.


  • 1 Light: 6"W x 6"H x 5.5"D
  • 2 Lights: 12"W x 6"H x 5.5"D
  • 3 Lights: 18"W x 6"H x 5.5"D
  • 4 Lights: 24"W x 6"H x 5.5"D
  • 5 Lights: 30"W x 6"H x 5.5"D
  • Lamp: LED
  • ETL
# of Lights
$ 264.00

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