Massena Pendant
Hudson Valley

Product Description

The Massena Pendant from Hudson Valley Lighting gives designer treatment's to industrial lighting. By contrasting the metal shade's smooth dome with the collar's strong details. Cutout vents cast upward light and reveal a pristine porcelain lamp socket. Massena's interior is fully finished in white gloss to amplify downlight, while an etched glass diffuser, secured by diamond-knurled thumbscrews, softens shadows and shield eyes from glare. Available in three shade diameters and multiple metal finishes. Includes 3", 6", 12", and 2 X 18" Rods.

Polished Nickel not available with 4620/19.5 inch model.

  • 4610: 9.5"D X 16"H X 70" Max Overall Length
  • Shade: 9"D X 6.6"H Canopy: 6"D
  • 4614: 13.5"D X 21"H X 75" Max Overall Length
  • Shade: 13.3"D X 9.6"H Canopy: 7"D
  • 4620: 19.5"D X 26.5"H X 80.5" Max Overall Length
  • Shade: 19"D X 13.8"H Canopy: 7"D
$ 508.00