Compendium Floor Lamp

Product Description

The Compendium Floor Lamp provides a soft diffused light with a body that hides a powerful LED source and freely rotates on the black base to direct the light towards the wall, thus avoiding direct glares. Features a dimmer mounted on the power cord.

The Compendium collection stands out for the evocative graphic-sculptural impact of its slim silhouette. With distinctive features that are both poetic and functional, the Compendium floor lamp, designed by Norwegian architect Daniel Rybakken, is both bold and minimalistically modern at the same time. This fixture is a perfect addition to any contemporary space, able to illuminate the room with a single light source. In the same manner as a window with natural light coming into the space, the Compendium produces a strong light from one side. To avoid glare, the light is diffused and soft light is reflected from the wall into the space.

Available in aluminum, black, and brass finish. UL Listed.

  • 64.5"H
  • Base: 6.6"H X 5.5"W
$ 1,440.00