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Constellation Aquarius Medius Chandelier

$ 10,920.00
SKU 21Q13-RC5512
Color: Clear

The Constellation Aquarius Medius Chandelier is a 2-dimenisonal grid-style fixture that paints a ceiling in star-like magic. It features a web of Metal arms connecting 25 Acrylic spheres/connection hubs, which twinkle warmly with LED light. At 10-feet wide, the fixture is airy but expansive, making it the ideal solution for when you want to fill a space without overwhelming it.

  • Canopy: Height 0.5", Diameter 4.5"
  • Cord: Length 120"
  • Fixture: Width 121.75", Height 1.5", Depth 50.5"
  • Shade: Height 0.5", Diameter 1.5"
  • 50 Watt (6190 Lumens) Integrated LED: CRI: 90 Color Temp: 3000K