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Cubix Multi-Light LED Flush Mount

$ 5,100.00
SKU 24Z0006K

The Cubix Multi-Light Ceiling Fixture brings constructive interest to illumination. Each cube is set at one of four vertical positions allowing both horizontal and vertical interest to the ceiling plane. Features aluminum construction with a flat panel LED in each cube. Each cube can be used as an LED panel or be left as an open frame. 


  • 3-Light Fixture: Width 36.5", Height 8.75", Depth 24.5"
  • 7-Light Fixture: Width 84.5", Height 12.75", Depth 36.5"


  • 3-Light Option: Three LED/12W/120V LED/3000K/90 CRI, LED module included
  • 7-Light Option: Seven LED/12W/120V LED/3000K/90 CRI, LED module included