Discoco Pendant Light

Product Description

Exuberant and attractive, the Discoco range of fixtures offers an interplay of suggestive, highly effective lighting. The thirty-five ABS disks vibrantly reflect the internal light source. On the outside, this reflection varies depending on the angle of the light, at the same time as providing direct illumination from its underside. The chromed sphere to which the metal bars holding the disks in place are connected, provides glittering reflections.

"The early sketches for the Discoco date from 1997, but, at that time, I was not clear as to how to bring the idea to fruition. In the intervening period, I had gone back to them a few times, before finally coming up with the most suitable technology and manufacturing process." - Christophe Mathieu.

Composed of opaque discs of molded ABS and injection molded aluminum rods.


  • 13.8 in.: 13.86"D X 11.02"H; 78.74" of field-cuttable wire
  • 20.8 in.: 20.8"D X 16.7"H; 78.74" of field-cuttable wire
  • 26.7 in.: 26.7"D X 20.5"H; 78.74" of field-cuttable wire
  • 34.6 in.: 34.6"D X 26.7"H; 118" of field-cuttable wire
  • 52 in.: 52.05"D X 42.24"H; 137.8" of field-cuttable wire
$ 735.00