Floral Pendant
David Trubridge

Product Description

Floral Lamp series combines repeat patterned CNC cut plywood with a hint of Escher to produce a geometrically pleasing form, both pure in design and practical in purpose.

A new world mix of old world skills and craftsmanship, sustainability of materials and purity combined with some high-tech genius. Using timber from sustainably managed plantations, all pieces are designed to use the minimum amount of material for the maximum amount of effect.

Ships flat packed with excellent instructions for self-assembly. The kitset packaging helps minimize impact on the environment. Floral is made from bamboo plywood with a natural finish. Available in six sizes, with a choice of natural bamboo or caramel finish. All models ship with 6 feet of wire and a canopy. UL listed.

  • Floral 400: 15.5"D
  • Floral 600: 23.5"D
  • Floral 800: 31.5"D
  • Floral 1000: 39.5"D
  • Floral 1200: 47"D
  • Floral 1600: 63"D
$ 410.00