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G-Club Suspension Light

by LZF
$ 1,835.00
Lighting Option

In the year 1913, Russian artist Kasimir Malevich painted a black square on a white background. Somebody referred to the piece as minimalism. And so a movement was coined. We think Malevich would approve of the G-Club Suspension Light, created by that master of design Mariví Calvo. Like the work of Frank Stella, Phillip Glass, Samuel Beckett and Raymond Carver, the G-Club is art pared back to its bare essentials. Less is more. Embrace purity.

Lzf's veneers are selected to give the best wood grain effects when illuminated and all have been sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council - FSC. Nothing comes close to the beauty of these veneers as a diffusion material and no other veneer treatment gives the strength and the protection to the material with out sacrificing the delicacy and subtleness that this natural material communicates when illuminated.

  • 19.3"D X 5.9"H
  • Fluorescent Canopy: 4.8"D X 1"H
  • LED Canopy: 9"D
  • Electrical Cord: 96"L
  • Cable: 96"L