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Mamamia F1 LED Floor Lamp

$ 6,052.63
The Mamamia F1 floor lamp from Anton Angeli has been designed by Silvia Sogni & Theo Sogni in 2003. This floor mounted luminaire is perfect for incandescent lighting. The project: Take again and make some formal signs which characterize the Nordic design and combine them to luminous atmosphere with an oriental taste. Nine metal rings with different diameter was assembled on a metallic for floor, wall, table, ceiling and suspension versions. From the light source, which is situated inside the volume's lamp, radiates a clear light which creates suggestive effects and reflexes on the external surfaces of the rings. Mamamia's construction from a variety of premium metal finishes, gives this ornate fixture a fresh and captivating design. Available in the following finish options: white, aluminum,black with aluminum inner part, gold leaf, silver leaf or copper leaf. Height adjustable.