Mizu 26 Light Pendant - Square Canopy

Product Description

Inspired by the tranquil and mesmerizing light refractions created by water. Like water droplets, no two Mizu are alike, each crystal shape is unique and made meticulously by hand. Using only the clearest 24% lead crystal, Mizu perfectly emulates water's refraction of light, casting amazing patterns around the room, reminiscent of flowing water.

26 lights are suspended from a single, white square canopy. Provides ambient and decorative illumination. Electronic low voltage transformers in the canopy. Pendants are equipped with quick connects and are individually field adjustable. Available with clear or gold glass. Shown with clear glass.


  • Canopy: 29.9"L X 29.9"W
  • 98.4"overall height
  • Weight: 3.9 - 5.3 pounds per crystal
$ 13,600.00