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Poppy Large Suspension Light

by LZF
$ 2,600.00

The Poppy Large Suspension lamp (yes, Poppy, like the flower!), is the most natural expression to date signed by German designer Burkhard, in contrast to his more formal trend more concise and synthetic. Both creations could be placed inside a combined universe, both geometrical and natural, where the arranged repetition of the form generates a curvy plasticity reinforced by light that subtly radiates through the gaps in it's wood slats. The larger models house a poppy shaped inner shade, and an outer shade, a second skin which gives it its final, domed shape.

Supplied ceiling canopy in brushed nickel and 8 feet of clear power cord and aircraft cable.

LZF's wood veneers are selected to reveal the best natural wood grain effects when illuminated and all have been sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council - FSC. Nothing comes close to the beauty of these veneers as a diffusion material and no other veneer treatment gives the strength and the protection to the material without sacrificing the delicacy and subtleness that this natural material communicates when illuminated.

  • 33.8"D X 29.5"H
  • Canopy: 5.5"D X 1.8"H
  • Electrical Cord: 96"L
  • Cable: 96"L