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Time LS3 Ceiling Lamp

$ 688.00
Product description: The Time LS3 ceiling lamp from Anton Angeli has been designed by Jan Van Lierde in 2003. This ceiling mounted luminaire is perfect for halogen lighting. The time is always connecting with the light, which involves the man using and processing the senses. This creates curiosity for the future and a continuous search of his evolution, which find in the innovation some answers. Time LS will be the right answer to some questions about the artificial light, which the architecture till the last century, due to his structural and material evolution, has helped to increase. It borns a lamp collection in evolution, with the intention to use material without time as inox steel, to creates clear forms and through them the light connect the time becaming his interpreter, strong but quiet intends to last over the architectonic renewals because it is linear material: just without time. Lamp's series with a directed anti-dazzling light with a inox-steel structure, to be used as ceiling or support on surfaces in order to diffuse the light from down. Available with one, two, three lighting sources.